Thursday, 25 October 2007

Hull Fair

Laura Pugh on Hull Fair. Thank you Laura, and all constructive comments welcome!

A night at the fair

A pleasant autumnal evening became futuristic with strobes of white and green light in the sky for all of Hull to see. The call for a superhero to save the city? Not on this night…
Spring Bank West bustled with the illumination of the biggest fair in Europe, the annual ‘Hull Fair’. Children excitedly played with brightly coloured rattling fair fancies. Their parents, tired, hurried them away from the tricks of the fair towards a much needed passtime. Hull Fair has been wowing the crowds since the thirteenth century. Once started, it became a known fair for traders, selling anything from exotic goods to livestock. As time passed, entertainment became the fairs main focus, and the nineteenth century saw rise to circus skills and puppet shows; keeping within the tradition of having the fair as closely as possible Friday the 11th of October, of course.
In our day and age it is not host to stalls such as the famous 1930’s ‘ Chicken Joe’ stall, where prizes included live chickens, instead there are a large number of umbrella shaped stands that you can literally aim for. Whether you fancy winning an over sized bear, or a consolation prize that makes you wonder why you had three goes, the fair is the place for you. Rides range from stomach churning waltzers and upside down rides to ghost trains and bumper cars for all ages. If you are a couple after a romantic night out or a group of friends after a night of fun, the fair caters for all tastes. As long as you’re prepared to dig into your pockets and brush your worries aside, you may enter this fantasy world.

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cuffbear said...

The thing Im most curious about Hull Fair is how Hull residents view it in comparison to those visiting, ie students. I think there would be some big differences in opinion